Forklift Jib Attachments

  • Overview

    • Model Number: 11640026
    • Product Name: Forklift Jib Attachments

    Smart lifting solution where the forklift does all the work. Jib attachments come in a range of sizes and lengths for all industrial purposes.


    • Available in Fixed, Tilt, Slip-On, Extension and Tow type jibs providing greater versatility and lifting capabilities (** Note that the towing of trailers by a forklift fitted with a tow jib can impose overturning forces on the forklift and additional force on the mast and braking system. The load being towed must be no greater than 25% of the mass of the forklift. Towing should be carried out in a slow, smooth and controlled manner and on level ground. Sharp turning must be avoided at all time to prevent jack-knifing of the trailer. **)
    • ​Designed to provide optimum safety for the forklift operator
    • Ideal for any 'lift by hook' applications
    • Safety Swivel hooks fitted as standard
    • Zinc finish for durability
    • Certified to Australian Standards and supplied with instructions, certification and risk assessment
    • Safety chains secure the jib to the forklift
    • Extension jibs operate by the removal of locking pins
  • Specification

    ModelWorking Load LimitLoad CentrePocket Size/ Pocket CentresHorizontal / Vertical Centre of GravityUnit Weight 
    11640060 - Slip On4750kg780mmSize: 185 x 75mm 
    Centre: 250mm
    H: 700mm
    V: 165mm
    11640026 - Slip On 2000kg1000mmSize: 140 x 65mm 
    Centre: 250mm
    Not available37kg
    11640203 - Tow Jib2000kg250mmSize: 140 x 65mm 
    Centre: 250mm
    H: 655mm
    V: 300mm
    11640170 - Tilt Short2500kg825mmSize: 165 x 65mm 
    Centre: 337mm
    H: 650mm
    V: 300mm
    11640171 - Tilt Long4750kg1000mmSize: 185 x 75mm 
    Centre: 370mm
    H: 985mm
    V: 275mm
    11640063 - Tilt Long2500kg1005mmSize: 165 x 65mm 
    Centre: 337mm
    H: 1010mm
    V: 225mm
    11640143 - Slip On2500kg790mmSize: 185 x 65mm 
    Centre: 275mm
    H: 630mm
    V: 135mm
    11640149 - Fixed Short10,000kg930mmSize: 230 x 110mm
    Centre: 935mm
    H: 740mm
    V: 100mm
    11640044 - Fixed Long4750kg935mmSize: 185 x 75mm
    Centre: 935mm
    H: 1210mm
    V: 200mm
    11640046 - Fixed Long2500kg950mmSize: 185 x 65mm
    Centre: 950mm
    H: 1160mm
    V: 185mm
    11640137 - Fixed Long10,000kg920mmSize: 230 x 110mm
    Centre: 875mm
    H: 1200mm
    V: 100mm
    11640205 - Extension7500kg1275mmSize: 230 x 110mm
    Centre: 875mm
    H: 680mm
    V: 105mm
    11640204 - Extension3500kg800mmSize: 185 x 65mm
    Centres: 300mm
    H: 580mm
    V: 110mm
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  • 11640204
    Forklift Extension Jib - 3.5T
  • 11640205
    Forklift Extension Jib - 7.5T
  • 11640137
    Forklift Fixed Jib Long - 10T
  • 11640046
    Forklift Fixed Jib Long - 2.5T
  • 11640044
    Forklift Fixed Jib Long - 4.5T
  • 11640149
    Forklift Fixed Jib Short - 10T
  • 11640143
    Forklift Fixed Jib Short - 2.5T
  • 11640063
    Forklift Tilt Jib Long - 2.5T
  • 11640171
    Forklift Tilt Jib Long - 4.75T
  • 11640170
    Forklift Tilt Jib Short - 2.5T
  • 11640203
    Forklift Tow Jib - 3.5T
  • 11640026
    Slip On Forklift Jib - 2T
  • 11640060
    Slip On Forklift Jib - 4.75T

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