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A world of materials handling and storage products at your fingertips. A wealth of industry-specific advice, problem-solving smarts and custom-design and fabrication capabilities at your beck and call.

Is there a better, safer, smarter way of working?

Whatever industry you operate in, the answer’s ‘yes’. We’re constantly sourcing and developing new workplace storage and manual handling tech and solutions that deliver tangible improvements in safety and efficiency.

And whatever your industry, our experienced workplace optimisation experts have the frontline knowledge, global sourcing network and in-house design, modification and fabrication capabilities you need to stay ahead of the curve. All we need is your brief.

Challenge our team About our custom solutions
  • Facilities management

    From mining to hospitality to construction, we help facilities and asset management companies and frontline managers improve safety and productivity every day.

  • Mining

    Mining firms across Australia tap into our product sourcing, design and fabrication capabilities to keep their mine sites, workshops and people working safely and efficiently.

  • Defence

    Authorised vendor? Check. Local? Check. Rapid response? Check. We’re here to help you keep Australia’s Defence workforce safe and working as efficiently as possible.

  • Warehousing

    Keep your teams safe and your warehouse operation running like clockwork. Read about our warehouse storage and manual handling products and complete warehouse solutions.

  • Health

    Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean equipment solutions sourced and built specifically for healthcare environments that help improve safety, hygiene and outcomes for patients.

  • Government

    Local. State. Federal. We work with local authorities and government agencies across Australia to deliver workplace solutions that streamline the delivery of public services.

Thousands of products. Unlimited modification and custom options.

With 7,000+ off-the-shelf products in our ever-evolving inventory, all carefully sourced from the world’s leading brands, our team is here to help you select and, if necessary, modify the ideal product for your operation.

No worries about whether a product is fit for purpose or built to last. No nasty surprises or second guessing your choice. We’ll ensure you make the right choice first time, minimising your stress levels and maximising your ROI.

Our Solutions

Laundry, Linen
& Cleaning
Kitchen & Wet
Ladders and

Safe storage and smart shelving systems for everything from laundry and linen to dangerous chemicals and materials. A huge range of trolleys and carts, manual and electric, ergonomically designed and ready to modify.

Explore our range and tap into our expertise. We have a wealth of facilities management experience and all the manual handling and storage solutions your housekeeping teams need to work smarter, faster and safer.


From wheelie bins to solar-powered bin tippers to multi-chamber balers, we provide the products, solutions and expertise you need to streamline and optimise your waste management, disposal and recycling systems.

Make no mistake: safe, effective waste management means a safe, effective workplace, free from unnecessary clutter, waste and the associated health and safety risks. Let’s find the perfect solution.


Mine villages and remote facilities play a vital role in the success of mining operations. We offer the products, solutions and remote support and delivery capabilities to ensure yours runs smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Check out our range of storage and materials handling equipment, built to perform in the harshest environments, from pallets, jacks, bunding and shelving to manual and powered service trolleys and flexible conveyors.


Keeping your mine site or remote facility maintained and moving optimally calls for smart, robust thinking and equally smart and robust storage and manual handling solutions. Our experienced team provides both.

Workbenches and platform ladders. Storage, bunding and shelving. Pallet racking, cages and stillage. Flooring and wheel stops. Find out more about how we can help keep your people safe and your workplace productive.


Raise your safety and efficiency game. With a host of smart solutions for all your vertical challenges, all built to Australian standards, you have everything you need for your people and productivity to reach new heights, safely.

Safety steps. Work platform ladders. Aluminium step ladders. Fibreglass step ladders. Extension ladders. Warehouse ladders. View our range of products or talk to our team about a modified or custom solution.


Did you know we also specialise in designing gravity conveyor systems? We’ve built conveyors for an array of manufacturing, mine site and dispatch operations, including for Amazon.

Whatever your materials handling challenge, we’ll design and build a conveyor system that meets your unique workplace requirements, optimising workflows, minimising safety risks and boosting productivity.


What sets us and our solutions apart?

Our knowledge of materials handling and storage products? Our global sourcing capabilities? Our custom design and fabrication expertise?

It’s all these things, but most of all it’s that we understand your industry and will take the time to listen to you and share our expertise. The result: the right products and the best outcomes for you and your operation.

The right workplace product is probably out there. If not, we’ll custom-build it.

We scour the world for the best materials handling and storage products, so if the ideal workplace safety and efficiency product exists, we’ll find it for you. If it doesn’t, our design, fabrication and mechatronics experts will build it.

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