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Furniture Trolleys

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The Furniture Dolly Set (of 2) is a standout product. Adjust the height according to your needs and load up to 250kg on it. Another leader is the Sturgo Chair Trolley which makes moving stacked chairs easy. It’s the perfect product to keep in the corner until you need it. There’s the Sturgo Panel / Table Trolley, ideal for big moves of up to 500kg including tables or large, bulky sheets of materials. It’s used at functions, weddings and events in the set-up process.

Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:
✔ Furniture Trolleys In Sydney (NSW)
✔ Furniture Trolleys In Melbourne (VIC)
✔ Furniture Trolleys In Brisbane (QLD)
✔ Furniture Trolleys In Perth (WA)
✔ Furniture Trolleys In Adelaide (SA)
✔ Furniture Trolleys In Gold Coast
✔ Furniture Trolleys In Newcastle (NSW)
✔ Furniture Trolleys In Canberra (Australian Capital)

  Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:
✔ Workbenches In Sydney (NSW)
✔ Workbenches In Melbourne (VIC)
✔ Workbenches In Brisbane (QLD)
✔ Workbenches In Perth (WA)
✔ Workbenches In Adelaide (SA)
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✔ Workbenches In Gold Coast
✔ Workbenches In Newcastle (NSW)