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Trolley Accessories

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All our trolley accessories are manufactured to high quality standards and relevant Australian legislation. There are various attachments and accessories available to choose from for both the Scissor Lift Trolleys and Lifting Trolleys. These include a clipboard holder so you’re your worker can safely use two hands for the job. A laptop holder to ensure safety of IT equipment. An effortless and easy to use pedal foot brake providing extra security for precious or heavy goods.

Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:
✔ Trolley Accessories In Sydney (NSW)
✔ Trolley Accessories In Melbourne (VIC)
✔ Trolley Accessories In Brisbane (QLD)
✔ Trolley Accessories In Perth (WA)
✔ Trolley Accessories In Adelaide (SA)
✔ Trolley Accessories In Gold Coast
✔ Trolley Accessories In Newcastle (NSW)
✔ Trolley Accessories In Canberra (Australian Capital)
  Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:
✔ Workbenches In Sydney (NSW)
✔ Workbenches In Melbourne (VIC)
✔ Workbenches In Brisbane (QLD)
✔ Workbenches In Perth (WA)
✔ Workbenches In Adelaide (SA)
✔ Workbenches In Darwin (NT)
✔ Workbenches In Gold Coast
✔ Workbenches In Newcastle (NSW)