Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Mine sites. Warehouses. Factories. Workshops. Whether you need a site-wide safety and security solution that protects workers and the public, or just some role-specific safety equipment, you’re in safe hands. 

Sourcing, modifying, safeguarding and optimising everything

There’s more to workplace safety and security than safety barriers, bollards, fences, signs and tape. More than crowd control and security barriers. More than speed humps and access ramps, floor safety tools and lifting slings, anti-slip mats and anti-fatigue flooring, spill kits and emergency showers.

And while we source it all – the highest quality safety and security products from the world’s best brands – there’s more to our team than that too.

Finding safety solutions for clients across Australia.
Beyond our expandable safety barriers and beneath our safety mats and flooring, you’ll find a wealth of frontline workplace safety, human factors and ergonomics expertise. And we use this expertise to help clients of all sizes, from all industries, keep their people safe and operations running efficiently. 

We’ll source it, modify it and solve it.
Check out our vast range of workplace safety and security products and equipment. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Talk to our team – we’ll source, modify or custom build what you need.

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    Everything you need to keep your people safe and productive.

    From a whole-of-site safety and security overhaul to products that solve specific workplace safety challenges, we’ll draw on our experience to advise you and source everything you need. If we can’t track down the ideal product, it probably doesn’t exist, in which case…

    Tap into our safety design and fabrication smarts.
    We understand how different workplaces operate. We understand how humans work. And once we understand the unique safety challenges you face, we can modify or custom build the perfect solution.