Maintenance / Tool Trolleys

Maintenance / Tool Trolleys

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In our Maintenance/Tool Trolleys series we have a Sturgo Flat Shelf Utility Trolley. This is a heavy duty trolley, ideal for transporting goods around the workplace and can double up as a mobile work surface. The Louvre Perforated Trolley gives you the flexibility of deciding which tools and equipment are needed, providing the option to change the accessories to suit the job requirements. Finally, our Louvre Bin Trolley is another adaptable trolley for the workplace, with a double-sided panel that maximises efficiency and storage capacity.

Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes: 
✔ Maintenance/Tool Trolleys In Sydney (NSW)
✔ Maintenance/Tool Trolleys In Melbourne (VIC)
✔ Maintenance/Tool Trolleys In Brisbane (QLD)
✔ Maintenance/Tool Trolleys In Perth (WA)
✔ Maintenance/Tool Trolleys In Adelaide (SA)
✔ Maintenance/Tool Trolleys In Gold Coast
✔ Maintenance/Tool Trolleys In Newcastle (NSW)
✔ Maintenance/Tool Trolleys In Canberra (Australian Capital)

  Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:
✔ Workbenches In Sydney (NSW)
✔ Workbenches In Melbourne (VIC)
✔ Workbenches In Brisbane (QLD)
✔ Workbenches In Perth (WA)
✔ Workbenches In Adelaide (SA)
✔ Workbenches In Darwin (NT)
✔ Workbenches In Gold Coast
✔ Workbenches In Newcastle (NSW)