Workshop & Factory

Workshop & Factory

Organisations of all sizes across Australia, right up to businesses like Amazon and BHP, rely on our teamÔÇÖs sourcing and modification smarts to optimise their workshop and factory storage and operations. HereÔÇÖs why.┬á

Workshop and factory storage and so much more

Tool storage systems and tool shadow boards. Pallet and storage cages. Long-span shelving and cantilever racking. Workshop chairs and stools. Factory workbenches and mobile workstations. Ladders and lockersÔÇŽ

If it helps a workshop or factory work, we source and supply it ÔÇô the highest-quality products built for the harshest environments. But we do much more.

Modifying products. Optimising workshops and factories.
More than sourcing products from the worldÔÇÖs best brands, weÔÇÖre here with the materials handling and storage expertise and advice you need to ensure you find the right ones. Bottom line: weÔÇÖll make sure your workshop or factory operates as smoothly, safely and productively as possible.┬á

Tell us about your unique workshop or factory challenge.
With thousands of products on our books, chances are youÔÇÖll find what you need right here. If not, weÔÇÖll source or build it for you.ÔÇő

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    Workshop and factory organisation and optimisation that works for you. 

    Every materials handling and storage challenge is unique, so itÔÇÖs possible that an off-the-shelf product wonÔÇÖt do it for you. In which case, we can modify an existing product or custom build what you need.┬á

    Tap into our workshop and factory smarts.
    Talk to us. Tell us about your workshop or factory ÔÇô what works, what doesnÔÇÖt, and what you want to achieve. WeÔÇÖre here to share our knowledge gained on the frontline across Australia and either find or build the solution.