Who We Are

Backsafe Australia is a family owned and operated business. We provide solutions for safer work environments. You can source any storage or material handling solutions from Backsafe Australia for your shop or factory floor.

With a combined experience of more than 30 years, in the workshop equipment supply and design sector, we can provide accurate and long term solutions.
We have been supplying outstanding products and services across Australia for over 10 years to an ever expanding range of clients. With an excellent reputation behind us, we have earned the trust of established operators in the energy, mining and manufacturing sectors.

We believe in personal service above all else and strive to resolve every challenge because the client is our most important asset.

What We Do

We provide storage systems, material handling equipment and safety products for businesses and workplaces. We stock over 7000 products and supply over 32,000 individual inventory items.

We are passionate about helping you choose the most suitable equipment that is appropriate to your work environment.

Every business is different. So we focus on offering custom solutions that help our clients to streamline their operational processes, improve safety and bring in cost effective results. We understand that every workshop, warehouse and factory floor layout comes with its own opportunities and constraints. We will work together with you to give you the safest and most practical solution available without burning a hole in your budget.

We are so confident with our service and our products, that we offer an After Sales Guarantee which will give you even more confidence in our services. We are always on hand to offer you exactly what you need.

How We Do It

We take the time to understand your business. We work alongside your business before delivering a custom built solution. Our capable team will look at the overall requirements of your business and make suggestions based on that. Careful planning and design with thought through installation ensures that there is always safety in the workplace.

If we don’t have what you need, we will custom make it for you.

We offer tailor made solutions that will streamline processes, ensure safety and bring in cost effective results. With a combined experience of twenty plus years in workshop equipment supply and design, we can help you choose gear most suited to your work environment.

Why We Do It

We are confident that we provide nothing but the best. There really is no competition. We are in business because we love what we do and because we love a challenge.

Our business is not limited just to our catalogue. Our team enjoys spending time with you on site. We understand the challenges of your business, look at it from various angles and come up with solutions that are not only valuable for your business, but safe for your workers and colleagues. We believe that nothing overrides safety in the workplace.

We do it because we really do enjoy taking on a challenge. It’s just not satisfactory enough for us to provide the mechanics to design a new workspace or simply sell you a piece of equipment. We look at the big picture and then we offer innovative options to manage your business. We enjoy going that extra mile. At no cost to you.

It’s Obvious

If you have to move, lift, tow, store, stack or shelve, Backsafe Australia provides the means to do this efficiently, safely and economically.

Every item that we stock has been designed with thought and created to last. And if we don’t have what you need, we will custom make it for you.

So let us help you get over those seemingly unsurmountable problems of unproductive downtime that cripples your business with spillages, accidents and inefficient workplaces. Backsafe Australia raises handling equipment to new heights. Save your business valuable dollars by unloading trucks and containers faster with our equipment, using our spill-safe and refuse storage containers and making use of our safety signs.

And that’s not all. We are as keen as you are to keep your workmen happy. We like to boost their morale and increase their efficiency by taking care to see that they are not subject to any work hazards.

If it has wheels and a tray, a bucket, basket or a cage, then Backsafe Australia has a safe, mobile maneuverable option for you.

Just give us a call on 1300 305 314 or send us an email at sales@backsafe-australia.com.au and we lighten your load for you.