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    Our selection of bunding apparatus includes semi or fully enclosed Containment Units. They have a capacity of holding 4 drums, a front opening lockable door for easy access and zinc finish. Alternatively, if you need something larger there is the Single IBC Bund. This bunding has a storage capacity of at least 1000 litres, and due to its design is a cost effective and space saving solution. This is available in a single or a double unit.
    For smaller items that require bunding we have single or double depth Bunding shelving. Our shelving unit offers a compact and neat storage solution with unique perforated shelves that ensure a leak does not ‘pool’, causing corrosion and other problems.

    Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:
    ✔ Bunding In Sydney (NSW)
    ✔ Bunding Trolleys In Melbourne (VIC)
    ✔ Bunding Trolleys In Brisbane (QLD)
    ✔ Bunding Trolleys In Perth (WA)
    ✔ Bunding Trolleys In Adelaide (SA)
    ✔ Bunding Trolleys In Gold Coast
    ✔ Bunding Trolleys In Newcastle (NSW)
    ✔ Bunding Trolleys In Canberra (Australian Capital)