Our Planning and Design

Its not just about having the best equipment for the job but thoughtful planning in the workplace is crucial for efficiency, productivity and safety. At Backsafe Australia, we focus on clever workshop design, thoughtful planning of workflow and the effective use of equipment. Through that we help to improve productivity, increase flexibility, reduce costs and create efficiency in the workplace. No matter what you need – our products are carefully tested and selected to make a difference to your workplace. Our unbiased recommendation allow you to get a better handle on your workload by improving the overall well being of your operation.

Prevent accidents and save lives

It’s no accident - safety at the workplace is our number one priority. Matching products and equipment to specific needs is more important than just closing a sale for us. Careful consideration, recommendation and training in the use of equipment ensures that you are always safe in the workplace. Backsafe products safeguard against slips, trips and falls and take care of the ergonomics while you are at work.

Save time and improve productivity

Poor planning and use of wrong equipment affects productivity. Why take the chance to waste precious time and morale. At Backsafe Australia, we focus on product suitability for our clients to improve their productivity. When searching for storage information, shelving or material handling, your search ends here. If you need it, we stock it or we source it for you. If that doesn’t work, we will custom make it for you. Backsafe Australia is passionate about productivity and boosting your bottom line.

Improve Lives, Boost Morale

Its important to listen and listen well to the needs of our clients. We focus on understanding your needs, your capabilities and the layout of your facilities. We like a good challenge and that personal interaction. By improving overall efficiency, productivity and safety, we inevitably improve people lives, boost their morale at work and overall well being of the workforce. If you wrap, pack or strap it and need to move it or store it, Backsafe Australia comes to your aid with smart, simple and effective solutions. Our OHS standards compliant equipment will free up your staff for more productive time, and create a happier work environment without costing you the earth.