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Laundry Trolleys

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Depending on the size and needs of your business we have a Linen & Laundry Trolley to match it. There is the option of having a Small wet & dry Laundry Trolley or a Large wet & Small Laundry Trolley. Both of these models have spring base that self-adjust depending on the weight of the load and reduces the need to bend. We also have the Sturgo Big Bin Trolley with tub can be applied for various uses including as a Linen & Laundry Trolley.

Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:
Laundry Trolleys In Sydney (NSW)
Laundry Trolleys In Melbourne (VIC)
Laundry Trolleys In Brisbane (QLD)
Laundry Trolleys In Perth (WA)
Laundry Trolleys In Adelaide (SA)
Laundry Trolleys In Darwin
✔ Laundry Trolleys In Gold Coast
✔ Laundry Trolleys In Newcastle (NSW)
✔ Laundry Trolleys In Canberra (Australian Capital)
  Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:
✔ Workbenches In Sydney (NSW)
✔ Workbenches In Melbourne (VIC)
✔ Workbenches In Brisbane (QLD)
✔ Workbenches In Perth (WA)
✔ Workbenches In Adelaide (SA)
✔ Workbenches In Darwin (NT)
✔ Workbenches In Gold Coast
✔ Workbenches In Newcastle (NSW)