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    Spill Kits are designed to contain and clean up any accidental spillage in the workplace. They come in variety of compositions that can be determined by the individual requirements of the workplace and the type of fluid. Spill kits are colour coded and easily identifiable with clear instructions. Everything that you need to manage the spillage will be contained in the spill kit, all in one convenient and easy to use place.
    At Backsafe Australia our Spill kits are supplied in a range of easy to use containers from wheelie bins to carry bags. They include a variety of different absorbents and personal protective items for any specific task.

    Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:
    ✔ Spill Kits In Sydney (NSW)
    ✔ Spill Kits In Melbourne (VIC)
    ✔ Spill Kits In Brisbane (QLD)
    ✔ Spill Kits In Perth (WA)
    ✔ Spill Kits In Adelaide (SA)
    ✔ Spill Kits In Gold Coast
    ✔ Spill Kits In Newcastle (NSW)
    ✔ Spill Kits In Canberra (Australian Capital)