MRA ~ Yagan Square

MRA ~ Yagan Square
To provide storage and handling equipment for the cleaning, maintenance and utilities team for Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority's (MRA) Yagan Square project; ensuring safety for the behind-the-scenes workers that keep everything running smoothly!
The purpose of the Yagan Square project was to create an inviting and lively meeting place where locals and visitors could connect with, and celebrate, Western Australian culture - we think it certainly has, a job well done by MRA!

The cleaners’ room and utilities workshop were fitted out with various storage systems to keep the area neat and organised. Longspan shelving was provided in various heights and configurations to fit the different sized spaces within the workshop. The industrial workbench for small maintenance/repairs jobs includes a backing panel with parts bins and tool holders for maximised storage. The Louvre Bin Trolley also provides excellent storage for small parts and can be moved around site as required. Dangerous goods storage cages ensure there is suitable storage for aerosols and other dangerous goods, complying with Australian standards. The STURGO® range of materials handling equipment ensures deliveries are received safely, and equipment is transported around the site with minimal handling risk. The fleet included electronic carts, electric pallet movers, roll cage trolleys and flatbed wire trolleys. STURGO® Platform Ladders were supplied for safe height access. For secure storage, the WERKS® Mesh Pallet Cages were supplied.
To prevent unauthorised access to the site, we designed and manufactured mobile sign in tables which provide a simple ”check-in” point for site attendees, that could be moved around the site as needed.
Due to delays throughout the construction of this project, the goods were ready well ahead of time. As there was no storage space available on site, we held the equipment in storage for MRA, at no additional cost. We do go the extra mile!
We were happy to help out MRA once again, after a successful project on the Elizabeth Quay site in 2016.

Time Period:
Initial enquiry and quoting stage June 2017 through to supply and installation February 2018.

10020001 STURGO® Electronic Carts
11740001 STURGO® Electric Pallet Mover (superseded by model 11740143)
11740241 STURGO® Electric Straddle Stacker
15322002, 15320252 STURGO® Fibreglass Platform Ladders
16640024 STURGO® Roll Cage Trolleys
12200236 STURGO® Flatbed Wire Trolleys
17330003 WERKS® Mesh Pallet Cages (superseded by model 17330008)
WERKS® Customised Sign-In Table
Cleaners Room Fitout – Custom Floor Shelf, Longspan Shelving
Utilities Workshop Fitout – Storage Bins, Industrial Workbench With Accessories, Flammable Storage Unit, Aerosol Storage Cage, WERKS® Louvre Bin Trolley, WERKS® Tool Holders

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