MRA ~ Elizabeth Quay

MRA ~ Elizabeth Quay
The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority's (MRA) Facilities Manager was looking for a workable storage solution for the Elizabeth Quay storage and maintenance facility, and supply of the necessary materials handling equipment. Delivery and installation was required within three weeks of receiving the enquiry. Achieving the deadline of 29th January 2016 was critical due to the long awaited completion of the project. “The River. The City. Together again.” 

An initial consultation and site visit was required, prior to submitting the storage design and priced quotation. Backsafe Australia was awarded the project three days later. 
The Backsafe Australia design incorporated a number of innovative ideas which were endorsed by MRA, in turn resolving their materials handling issues. A special requirement for bollard storage and transport resulted in the construction of a customised Werks Stillage Cage. Factors that needed to be considered included uneven surfaces, travel distance when transporting the equipment, and correct storage to ensure the longevity of the bollards. An internal divider system was created from plyboard that would fit inside the stillage cage, providing a smart and neat storage unit. The floor of the storage facility is raised, which was a potential hazard when transporting equipment to and from the area. To facilitate easy access, a fold-away ramp was designed and manufactured, ensuring safety is easy!
On-site consultations during the course of the project ensured the space was well planned, meeting the workflow and storage requirements, while still complying with safety standards. Using the WERKS® and STURGO® range, plus a lot of innovation and thought unique to our team, an effective storage fitout was achieved, which the client is thoroughly pleased with!

The Storage Stillages are fantastic and were very popular throughout the opening festival, and the Fold-Away Ramp for the storage area is excellent! Very much appreciated the great ideas offered by Backsafe Australia - awesome company, will definitely use you again, and recommend to others.

Time Period:
January 2016 - quote, design, supply and install in just 3 weeks!

Longspan Shelving
Dangerous Goods Storage Units
12020004 Industrial Workbench with Accessories
10140095 WERKS® Economy Workbench
Stack & Nest Crates, Recycled Black with Lids and Enviro Skates
16640002 WERKS® Mesh Stillages with Wheel Kits
Customised 16640002 WERKS® Mesh Stillage with Bollard Holder Insert
16810007 STURGO® Pallet Truck
Customised Access Ramp
10200048 Stationery Cabinet
12500054 WERKS® Industrial Cabinet
18020001 P-Handle Trolley
12500473 WERKS® Louvre Panel Trolley with Parts Bins

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