Custom Storage Cages for Woodside Energy

Custom Storage Cages for Woodside Energy

Woodside Energy's King Bay Supply Base at the Karratha Gas Plant

16640004HK WERKS® Clamp-On Pallet Cage with modifications

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We were approached by the Offshore Warehouse team with a request for custom pallet cages. We had supplied a solution for Woodside's inventory maintenance and disposal system back and a similar storage and transport unit was now needed for parts organisation.

The WERKS® Clamp-On Pallet Cage was requested due to it's durability and functional design, along with the jarrah hardwood pallets ensuring compliance with Woodside's regulations. To better protect the contents and prevent small parts falling through, the pallets were custom made with full slat coverage on the base. Assisting the warehouse teams with their organisation and tracking, the cage frames are powdercoated in blue and yellow, with identification signage on front and rear gates.

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