Woodside Energy

Woodside Energy
We were approached by Woodside Energy's Preservation Coordinator to assist with providing a transport and storage unit for inventory that required maintenance.

The WERKS® Clamp On Pallet Cages were suggested as an ideal solution for the parts storage requirement. A worthwhile and long-lasting investment, the WERKS Pallet Cage frames are constructed from steel, and the pallets from jarrah, ensuring longevity in harsh and unforgiving environments. To ensure the cages were utilised correctly and retained as Woodside's property, signage was fitted to all sides of the cages, and the cage sides were powder coated in red, Woodside's corporate colour.

Time Period:
Enquiry and quotation March 2015, through to complete supply May 2015.

16640004HK WERKS® 500mmH Clamp On Pallet Cage with Hardwood Pallet

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