Post / Racking Protectors

Post / Racking Protectors

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    Post /racking protectors are an efficient, safe and cost-effective way to ensure posts and racks are covered. Racking Standards and Health and Safety Legislation state anything that could occur forklift impact must be fitted a protection device. Racks and posts are not designed to withstand multiple collisions. Even small impacts can cause structural rack damage and greatly increase the chance of rack collapse, this can lead to expensive repairs and worse still, potential injury to a worker. Post /racking protectors are designed and engineered to absorb impacts and easily fit onto a column. Post /racking protectors fit most racks and columns and are fully tested and comply with all the relevant Australian safety regulations and standards.

    Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:
    ✔ Post/Racking Protectors In Sydney (NSW)
    ✔ Post/Racking Protectors In Melbourne (VIC)
    ✔ Post/Racking Protectors In Brisbane (QLD)
    ✔ Post/Racking Protectors In Perth (WA)
    ✔ Post/Racking Protectors In Adelaide (SA)
    ✔ Post/Racking Protectors In Gold Coast
    ✔ Post/Racking Protectors In Newcastle (NSW)
    ✔ Post/Racking Protectors In Canberra (Australian Capital)