Top 3 Benefits of Using Pallet Cages in a Warehouse

Top 3 Benefits of Using Pallet Cages in a Warehouse
Top 3 Benefits of Using Pallet Cages in a Warehouse teaser

29 Jan 2020

If you’re looking to improve your warehouse organisation and safety while controlling operating costs, pallet cages are the ideal materials handling equipment to help get the job done. The range of collapsible pallet cages, stillages and storage cages we can supply at Backsafe Australia will meet the needs of most warehouse and transport facilities, and when used in conjunction with an effective pallet racking or pallet shelving system, can improve your materials handling operations significantly.

How do Pallet Cages improve Warehouse Organisation?

Our WERKS pallet cages are extremely versatile and can be used in a range of applications to better organise inventory, whether you’re shipping, receiving or storing goods. The mesh cage and robust construction means that different goods and stock can be stored together, and they are easy to move with either a fork lift or a pallet truck and so can be easily manoeuvred to wherever you need them.

You also have flexibility when it comes to where and how pallet cages are stored, as they’re designed for use both in pallet racking systems or as stand alone materials handling equipment, meaning you can organise your stock in the way that best meets operational demands.

If you have specific needs, Backsafe Australia can deliver customised pallet cages built to your precise specifications. We also design pallet racking and pallet storage systems that further help to keep inventory organised and securely stored.


How can Materials Handling be made safer with Pallet Cages?

The mishandling of materials is a primary cause of workplace accidents and injuries in Australia. However, pallet cages are strong and durable, and because they prevent goods from shifting or falling off the pallet when being moved or transported, they can contribute significantly to increased warehouse safety. Further to this, our range of WERKS zinc pallet cages feature a unique positive locking bar that ensures there is no movement when pallets are racked.



Even the heaviest goods, such as machinery used in mining and heavy industrial applications, can be shipped in pallet cages or stored on pallet shelving, making working with bulky or hard to handle goods a much safer process.


Likewise, pallet cages can be efficiently moved using a fork lift or pallet truck, which reduces the need for manual handling, one of the most frequent causes of injuries in the storage and transport industries.

How are operational costs reduced by using Pallet Cages?

Being able to store or transport a variety of different goods securely in the same pallet cage can reduce the amount of handling required, lowering operating costs. Similarly, the drop down sides available on our WERKS pallet cages means that you have quick and easy access to stock, enabling you to get goods in and out quicker and more efficiently.

The fact that pallet cages can be stored safely on pallet shelving also reduces the amount of space required to stock goods, while being able to collapse the cage entirely means that they take us less room when not being used, giving you additional space without adding to your operational costs.

Where can I buy Pallet Cages in Perth?

Backsafe Australia in Perth stocks an extensive range of storage cages and stillages (including collapsible pallet cages) suitable for use in all types of transport and storage applications.


Call us on 1300 305 314 or email Backsafe Australia to learn more.

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