Custom Transport Cages

Custom Transport Cages
Australian transport company with a vast logistics network operating in road, rail, sea, air and warehousing

Time Period:
Initial enquiry April 2016, through to complete product launch September 2017

WERKS® Custom Folding Pallet Cage
We were approached by the equipment manager, who was looking for a transport cage that would work congruently with their client's storage cages they were transporting. Their ideal was for the transport cage to maximise space utilisation of freight trailers, allow multiple deliveries to be made on each freight run, and ensure freight items were protected as best as possible.

A customised transport cage was designed and manufactured by Backsafe Australia. Sizing and design were extremely important in this project, which led to controlled production runs and multiple product trials to ensure the product was ideal. The finished product was put into service in September 2017, with a launch of 250 cages into the WA intrastate line haul network. The cage design incorporates a fully-welded steel construction with mesh panels, painted in the client’s brand colouring. The unique features of the WERKS® transport cage ensured the high standards of functionality and safety were met: forklift pockets for straightforward loading and unloading; pallet racking compatibility; foldable side panels for ease of access to contents; load rating badges, safety notices, and “how to use” and colour coding labels.

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