Organise Your Warehouse Operations with Storage Bin Racks

Organise Your Warehouse Operations with Storage Bin Racks
Organise Your Warehouse Operations with Storage Bin Racks teaser

31 Mar 2020

Every warehouse, storage facility or distribution centre requires a range of flexible storage solutions in order to meet its ever-changing needs. Storage bin racks fitted with durable plastic bins are extremely versatile and can be configured in a way that best your suits your operations at any given time. This is why a WERKS® Activity Rack from Backsafe Australia is one of the most effective ways of creating an efficient storage bin rack system that can be used in all types of applications and facilities.

Imaged: WERKS® Activity Rack

What are storage bin racks?

Storage bin racks equipped with plastic storage bins provide a highly versatile warehouse storage system that can be used for managing and maintaining a variety of stock, parts and tools. This is because industrial storage racks with bins can help to make the process of segregating components and parts into categories much simpler in all types of assembly, manufacturing or picking environments.

How to organise your warehouse operations with a storage bin rack system?

In a busy workplace, keeping track of stock, tools or other equipment can be challenging, especially when staff are in and out regularly, or are performing a variety of different tasks. In this scenario, storage bin racks become an essential tool for increasing organisation and efficiency, and as 16 different bins can be stored on a single rack, they increase storage capacity while at the same time reducing the amount of floor space required.
When combined with plastic storage bins, a warehouse storage bin rack also makes it easier to categorise and access inventory, while also contributing to improved workplace safety, as staff are not required to move around the workspace as often when picking, packing or working with tools.

What are the benefits of having a warehouse storage bin rack system?

There are clear benefits to employing industrial storage racks with bins to stock and store your goods. For instance, productivity is improved as it easier to locate and access what you need more quickly. Likewise, your stock is better organised, essential when you are shipping or storing large quantities of inventory. Large storage bins racks also mean that products in a range of sizes can be stored.
In addition, plastic storage bins come in several different colours, making it quicker and easier to access the right containers on your storage bin racks, while also ensuring product integrity. Similarly, they are easily stackable on a warehouse storage bin rack, while if you are storing small parts, divided boxes make organisation a good deal simpler. This also makes it easier to spot when stock is running low.

A WERKS Activity Rack makes a highly effective storage solution!

Our range of WERKS® Activity Rack are fitted with durable plastic bins, and feature optional castors for ease of movement. With four shelves designed to house 16 x 52 litre Stack & Nest Containers, this storage bin rack system is ideal for efficient picking and large parts storage. Storage bin racks are also strong and durable, while at the same time being easy to maintain and keep clean.

Stack & Nest Containers

If this sort of industrial storage rack with bins does not quite meet your needs, we can customise our activity racks so they can house different sizes and shapes and storage bins as per your specifications.

Where to find storage bin racks in Perth?

Backsafe Australia specialises in all types of activity racks and industrial storage racks with bins, and can design and manufacture a range of customised storage solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Contact us by email or call us on 1300 305 314 to find out more.

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