What Are The Best Storage Solutions For An Industrial Warehouse?

What Are The Best Storage Solutions For An Industrial Warehouse?
What Are The Best Storage Solutions For An Industrial Warehouse? teaser

01 Apr 2020

Businesses across our Australia, from warehouses and factories to shops, offices and libraries are on the lookout for industrial warehouse storage solutions that can add convenience and efficiency to their day-to-day operations.

At Backsafe Australia, our warehouse storage shelving units should are cost effective for Australian businesses, and staff of a management level will find ease in streamlining processes in the workplace when installing our warehouse racking components.

The key to the best storage solutions is accessibility. High-quality warehouse shelving storage should improve the ergonomic safety in the workplace for all staff, and make best use of the space that is available.

The different types of storage shelving and racking for warehouse?

To help you determine what warehouse storage racks you might need, we have compiled the following guide to different warehouse racking designs.

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking systems are the ideal industrial warehouse racking for busier and larger workplaces.
For the most part, pallet racking systems are made from wood, plastic, or in the form of chrome wire shelving units. These warehouse storage racks are great for storing inventory that is received in bulk, such as large boxes. Pallet racking can be high warehouse racking, which means that it ensures that boxes can be placed at larger heights with the help of an automated mechanism or a forklift.

Cantilever Racking

Imaged: Cantilever Racking - Heavy or Light Duty

Cantilever are heavy duty racks for a warehouse that are effective in storing long and heavy loads such as lumber, piping, tubing, sheet metal or furniture.
As far as warehouse racking goes, cantilever racks can be a smart choice because they are both durable and reliable, with optional hot dipped galvanised finish available for outdoor installations. These industrial warehouse storage racks comprise of columns that are stabilised by one or two horizontal beams at the base, and another beam which is fixed vertically.

Activity Racks


Activity Racks are perfect for a variety of different applications, especially when maximising order picking and larger part storage.
This heavy-duty storage solution consists of chrome wire shelving frames, which are fitted with durable plastic tubs that can be customised for differing needs. These shelves can be turned into effective chrome wire shelving with wheels thanks to optional castors that can be brought separately.

Long Span Shelving

Imaged: Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving is ideal for multiple uses, including warehouses, archiving, and retail and for sea containers.

As far as storage solutions go, long span shelving is extremely strong and adjustable. With this “built to last” concept in mind, it is highly customisable and can be used for many different commercial environments.

How to choose the best storage systems for your warehouse?

It can be a monumental task to choose the right industrial warehouse shelving units for your business, particularly as there are so many products available on the market today.
A key consideration should be space. The most effective warehouse racking designs will maximise storage capacity, which will be beneficial to your business in a variety of ways:

  • Helping to increase the organisation of your stock

  • Adding cost-effectiveness

  • Increasing the overall satisfaction and productivity of your staff

  • Improving the ergonomic safety of your workplace

When you make that decision, ensure that the warehouse racking systems you purchase consider underused or negative space in your place of business. It is worth bearing in mind that warehouse racking solutions will differ depending on whether your storage needs are long term or short term, and the temperature that you will need your stock to remain at.

Where to find the most appropriate warehouse storage and racking in Perth?

At Backsafe Australia, we provide a range of industrial warehouse shelving units that can lighten the load in your workplace. Our storage solutions, including warehouse racking and shelving, feature a standard 12-month warranty, and are fully customisable for a variety of different uses.
For assistance in selecting the best storage solutions, we give expert advice on the most practicable and cost-effective system for the unique needs of your business. At Backsafe Australia, we also offer a project management service for warehouses.

Browse our product range online, or call us on 1300 305 314 to speak with one of our helpful consultants for more information.

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