Rio Tinto ~ Silvergrass Project

Rio Tinto ~ Silvergrass Project

Challenge accepted:

  • To completely fulfil a tender for the Silvergrass mining project requirements in northern Western Australia.
  • Scope of work: equipment for the Parts Storage, Reception, Workshops and Office areas.

Problem solved:

  • We tapped into our:
    • Modification and Customisation Capability: workshop and storage equipment were both modified or customised, then manufactured locally.
    • Product Sourcing Capability: office and bathroom facility equipment was expertly sourced specifically for the project to meet specifications.
  • The custom manufacturing involved the design and fabrication of a number of heavy duty workbenches, suited to the demands of the harsh mining environment. Two heavy duty low steel cupboard units were supplied in safety yellow for secure and robust storage.
  • Four heavy duty workbenches were supplied with specialised stainless steel tops in varying thickness, for use in the fabrication areas. Three heavy duty workbenches fitted with castors were manufactured for electrical work. A security mesh cage enclosure with lockable personnel door was fabricated for the workshop. A transportation box was kitted out to suit the safe transport of windscreens.
  • Racking and shelving was supplied to fit the specifications and layout of the site.
  • Transport to site involved a few separate deliveries, due to the sheer amount of goodies needed to be delivered. The goods needed to be packaged extremely well to ensure best possible use of the the truck space, and to endure the 1,600km drive to the Silvergrass mine site.

Products Supplied: