RTIO Manual Handling Reduction Strategy

RTIO Manual Handling Reduction Strategy

One productive partnership with Rio Tinto Iron Ore.
Seven tonnes less manual handling per person, per year.

Harsh environments demand tough storage. Complex logistical challenges call for efficient solutions. And it doesn’t get much tougher or more complex than Rio Tinto Iron Ore’s (RTIO) Pilbara Rail network. So, when the RTIO team challenged ours to design and fabricate a parts storage and transportation solution, we knew it would be an epic, collaborative journey.

Partnering and prototyping to perfection.
From Brake Parts Storage Boxes (our first brief) to the new KB Slack Adjuster Transport Frame, we’ve worked with the RTIO team to design, develop and deliver an evolving solution that works. And it works because we’ve not only developed an understanding of the challenge and environment, but because we’ve prototyped and tested our designs on the frontline.

Well done, Gregor. You have already reduced manual handling at our warehouse by seven tonnes per person per year through innovation and engagement. It’s a massive ‘yes’ from me.

Andrew Gurr, Rio Tinto Iron Ore’s 7 Mile Warehouse

Ongoing optimisation and real-world performance improvements.
Our ongoing optimisation with RTIO is a collaboration that’s enabled us to develop a transport and storage solution that saves time, lowers WHS risk and improves productivity. Super-tough, ergonomic and colour-coded, it’s a system that makes transporting, tracking and servicing parts and components easier so they last longer in one of the toughest environments around.

Various types of storage we've built for RTIO Pilbara Rail network:

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