Perth Children's Hospital

Perth Children's Hospital
Perth Children's Hospital, part of the Child and Adolescent Health Service in WA
To provide a complete manual handling solution for the new Perth Children’s Hospital, to ensure safety and efficiency in their facilities.

The STURGO® range of manual handling equipment was provided for its excellent reputation as a reliable and safe solution in warehouse applications. This included a fleet of manual STURGO® Pallet Jacks, as well as some electric models for heavier handling; and the STURGO® Cage Platform Trolleys. Hand trolleys for upright transport of goods and wheelie bins for waste management were included in the solution.
Further equipment has been supplied following the initial project commencement since the hospital’s official functioning began throughout early 2018. The fleet of STURGO® manual handling machines has slowly been increased to meet the increased requirements.
A customised handling solution for the Equipment & Consumables Service nurses has been provided to reduce the need to bend and lift while providing homecare consumable items to patients – this involved modifying the STURGO® Electric Platform Trolley to a two shelf configuration with drop-down sides.
Keep an eye out for the green STURGO® machines which help to keep the hospital running efficiently! They match well with the décor too!


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