Clough Wheatstone Project

Clough Wheatstone Project
Clough’s Wheatstone Project team were using scaffold basket trolleys onsite that were in desperate need of renewal! As the original supplier of the STURGO® Scaffold Basket Trolleys (back in May 2015 for the Gorgon Project), we were asked to supply new units and refurbish the original ones. 

New STURGO® Scaffold Basket Trolleys were manufactured and delivered to site, with a few improvements on the original design, including better castors.
The original trolleys were then sent to us to be refurbished. This involved replacing the lifting lugs, repainting the trolleys, replacing the castors, and having the trolleys load tested to ensure the load capacity rating hadn’t been compromised.
In total, six new units were supplied, and six original units were refurbished. Keep an eye out for them if you ever get the chance to visit the Wheatstone site!

19100002 STURGO® Scaffold Basket Trolleys