Work-related stress is costing your business!!

Work-related stress is costing your business!!
Work-related stress is costing your business!! teaser

05 Jan 2016

In Australia, the most expensive form of workers compensation claim is caused from work-related stress.

Not only does work-related stress affect the health and well-being of employees, but it also affects the productivity of the organisation.

Work-related stress has been identified as a risk factor for hypertension, diabetes, upper extremity, musculature back problems, and cardiovascular disease. As a result, work-related stress is costing Australian businesses $10 billion annually.

Some common factors that cause work-related stress include:

  • Long hours.
  • Heavy workload.
  • Lack of equipment/resources.
  • Unsafe equipment/resources.
  • Tight deadlines.
  • Over supervision.
  • Job insecurity.
  • Poor work-life balance.

The benefits of preventing stress in the workplace are:

  • Fewer injuries.
  • Greater job satisfaction.
  • Reduced sick leave, absences and staff turnover.
  • Increased productivity.

Here is a ‘stress saver’

The Multi –Tip bin-tipper is everything a bin tipper should be. It is safe, economical, easy to use, versatile and efficient.

Instead of having two workers unsafely empty out the bins, this bin tipper will do it by a switch of a button. Not only eliminating work-related stress that comes with empting out bins, but will also reduce the chance of both employees injuring themselves.

Ideal for light industrial use to empty bins at school, factories, recycling centers and more.

Multi-tip Bin-Lifters does not require regular maintenance, and are robust yet light and easy to move around.

Multi-Tip Bin-Lifters are designed to be safe, with all operating components fully enclosed. This allows the unit to be operated both indoors and outdoors.

So call us now on 1300 305 314 to get a no obligated quote and stop work related stress affecting your business.

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