Why You Need To Use Roll Cage Trolleys In Your Industry

Why You Need To Use Roll Cage Trolleys In Your Industry
Why You Need To Use Roll Cage Trolleys In Your Industry teaser

30 Oct 2017

An excellent way to store and transport items in your business is to use Sturgo Roll Cage Trolleys. They can literally be used in any workplace including warehouses, hospitality workplaces and healthcare facilities. A roll cage trolley has a list of aliases. It is also known as a laundry roll cage trolley, dairy roll cage trolley, supermarket roll trolley and roll container.

In Europe, they are often called roll containers or roll compactainers. Names aside, this nifty piece of gear is incredibly versatile, hence its popularity amongst so many different industries and businesses.

So, What Is A Roll Cage Trolley?

Fundamentally a roll cage trolley is a simple, tall, metal, cage-like, trolley on wheels. It comes in slightly varying styles and accessories that provide it with versatility. The number one reason that a roll cage trolley can be of benefit to your business is their ease of use. They are sturdy storage option and provide a simple way to move goods and equipment between departments or around the work area. They are straightforward to fold away and can be stacked or nested when not in use.

roll cage trolley
Above: Sturgo Nestable Stock Roll Cage Trolley

Roll Cage Trolleys In Action

To give you a clear picture of their versatility, we want to share exactly how some industries use roll cage trolleys. This way you can clearly see what they are capable of in terms of versatility: Bakeries use roll cage trolleys to store baked bread or confectionery that will keep it cool and dry. The roll cage trolley is fitted rack making it ideal for cooling and airing baked goods.

They can then be easily transported around the bakery to the sales counter or another area. Laundrette or garment/uniform cleaning industries use roll cage trolleys for the hanging of items. In place of standard racks, there is a garment rack. Giving a safe place to hang clothes and other items and transport them around the department as needed

The hospitality or healthcare industry get through a lot of linen and this needs to be stored and transferred around the facility simply and easily. Furthermore, the linen needs to be kept clean whilst in transit. A roll cage trolley can come with racks and a cover to protect the goods inside.
Warehouses need effective and efficient loading and unloading applications. A Roll cage trolley is simple and lightweight for workers to transfer around the warehouse. The cage makes it easy to pick and load/unload items and stock, making handling operations faster and more efficient.

double door roll cage trolley
Above: Sturgo Security Double Door Roll Cage Trolley

Safety Aspects Of Roll Cage Trolleys

Roll cage trolleys have castors that are specifically designed to carry and control the distribution of loads. This is regardless of what is inside the cage and its weight. Most roll cage trolleys can easily manage up to half a tonne capacity. The braking system ensures that it remains sturdy and secure when parked.

Items stored inside are safe and secure whilst the cage is moving or static. Depending on your choice of roll cage trolley, they can have a security cage door and straps to hold any goods whilst the roll cage trolley is in transit. Roll cage trolleys have the added advantage of being nest-able, therefore, they can be safely stored away. This ensures a clutter-free, tidy and organised environment.

mesh cage trolley

Roll cage trolleys offer a safe and cost-effective solution to storage and transporting needs of materials and goods. They are a staple in many different industries. This is because of their flexibility, ease of use and ability to be nested, stacked and stored when not in use.

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