Why You Should Install A Longspan Shelving Rack In Your Warehouse

Why You Should Install A Longspan Shelving Rack In Your Warehouse
Why You Should Install A Longspan Shelving Rack In Your Warehouse teaser

02 Apr 2020

One of the basic yet most important tools in material handling and storage solutions are racks or racking. A shelving rack that suits your business is essential for storing goods and other materials to ensure their quality, shape, and lifespan.
Other secondary yet vital considerations are finding a racking system that is safe and complies with workplace health and safety regulations too.
Backsafe Australia’s longspan shelving racks are effective, versatile, and accessible to new technologies and materials handling such as conveyors and automated picking systems.
Warehouses and factories are turning to longspan shelving to solve all these common problems in manufacturing. Here are some reasons why you should install longspan shelving racks in your warehouse.

Sturdy for their weight

Many longspan shelving racks are made from toughened steel (24 gauge or higher) and engineered with high tensile strength. Longspan shelving can carry 250kg loads all the way to mine-spec 750kg loads. They can suit almost any load from retail to heavy manufacturing. The steel is usually baked in enamel which ensures resistance to chipping, rust, and other common types of wear.
Longspan shelving can be constructed from timber, wire, or steel to accommodate your warehousing needs.

Imaged: Long Span Shelving With Timber Shelves

Better use of vertical space

Imaged: Long Span Shelving With Timber Shelves

Making the most of your warehouse space is crucial in any business. Using every centimetre while keeping floors and passageways clear of clutter and obstructions is the aim of any successful warehousing business.
Longspan shelving racks can be extended upward and still be used for storing heavy and cumbersome loads higher off the ground without any worry, as the shelving units can be built tough for mine-spec applications.

Easy to assemble and reassemble

Most longspan shelving is easy to put together, take down, and move around as required. Your business can also extend longspan shelves depending on demand or need as they include slotted uprights. Some upright shelves have a clip system for even easier assembly.
Most upright shelves can be put together without tools and even without assistance from other people on the floor (though to be safe, you should always have help.)

Easy to store goods of all sizes

Whether you manufacture iron boxes or iron filings, you can store goods and boxes of all sizes in longspan shelving units. Longspan shelving units can adapt to almost any configuration as the tool-less construction method means easy reorganisation.

Mobile shelving options

Longspan shelving can also be turned into mobile shelving with a few modifications. Ask your retailer for more information and options.

Good for picking and long-term storage

Due to their adjustable nature, longspan shelving can be primed for picking of fast moving products or long-term inventory shelving. You can use longspan shelving for lower-level pallet racking, as a stand-alone unit, or for high- and low-rise applications.

Where can I get Longspan Shelving?

Backsafe Australia offers a range of tough, mine-spec, and easy to assemble longspan shelving units of various widths and heights that are durable, cost effective, and highly adaptable. Contact us by email or call us on 1300 305 314 to find out more.

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