Introducing Our Online Store - At Work Supplies

Introducing Our Online Store - At Work Supplies
Introducing Our Online Store - At Work Supplies teaser

23 Apr 2013

For the convenience of our customers, Backsafe Australia has introduced its new Online Store AWS – The main benefits of the online store are, much faster and easier than ever before by allowing the customers to buy online securely, whether that be from warehouse or the work site!


1. Add to Your Basket

Now when you browse you'll notice 3 buttons on all product pages i.e. “Add to Cart” for buying the product at that time, “Add to Wishlist” for making it your favourite product and buy it later, “Add to Compare” for comparing the similar products on the basis of their specifications or features on all product pages. Simply choose the product you wish to buy, according to your requirements, select any options you may need and click 'Add to Cart' to begin your purchase. You can add as many products as you like to your cart.


2. Pay via Secure Pay or Phone

Once you have chosen your products and added them in your cart, click 'Checkout' to finalise your order. You'll be asked for your contact information (address where the products need to be shipped or contact you if there is any problem), then for some payment details. For most orders credit card is the easiest way to pay (VISA or MasterCard), so we have introduced the SECURE PAY, the most secure payment method available in Australia for buying online but for larger orders we also accept direct deposit. If you'd prefer not to pay electronically, you can call us on any of our helpline numbers. With this method, someone from the sales will get in touch with you, ask you how you'd like to pay and arrange the shipping too. You can then pay using whichever method is easiest for you and available with us.

What about Security?Our online shop is highly protected and secure. When checking out you should notice a padlock in your browser that will indicate secure data transmission. We only ever use your payment details to process your order, and any sensitive data is deleted immediately after payment is confirmed. You can check the Security Seals on the Website.

3. Products are Shipped to Your Place!

Once you are done with everything and paid for the orders, we'll ship your products straight to your workplace. Shipping times can vary due to stock levels and 

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