How Anti Fatigue Mats Improve Productivity

How Anti Fatigue Mats Improve Productivity
How Anti Fatigue Mats Improve Productivity teaser

14 Jul 2019

Shoring up health and safety hazards in the workplace may seem obvious – decluttering aisles, storing unused items in cupboards, not overstocking shelves – but some of the “silent” hazards are often sitting, or standing, right in front of us. Anti fatigue mats are crucial in factory, retail, and warehouse environments where employees are expected to be on their feet most of the time.

Though it’s an obvious boost to comfort, they can also improve productivity, worker health, and a business’ bottom line.

Here are some reasons why investing in anti fatigue mats are a boon for business.

Better health, fewer sick days, reduced risks

Anti fatigue mats are designed to be as ergonomic as possible to reduce or eliminate the effects of standing for long stretches. Anti fatigue mats such as Backsafe’s Ergo-Tred Anti Fatigue Mats facilitate “micro-movements” while standing, which can reduce back and foot pain, fatigue, and muscle stress. Mats such as these also increase blood flow to the extremities, which also reduces tiredness.
As a result, your employees will have fewer sick days and be fit and healthier as a result. This means fewer trips to the physio or doctor on work time. Traditional sitting-only environments can also benefit from standing at least two hours per day. According to the School of Public Health at the University of Queensland, replacing two hours a day of sitting with standing or stepping was associated with 11% reductions in BMI (body mass index) and 7.5cm smaller waists.

Reduces accidents and damage

Anti fatigue mats are also known as “safety mats” and “anti slip mats” with good reason. Some anti fatigue mats such as Backsafe Optimat Anti Fatigue Mats come with ramp edges to allow liquid to drain off and protect the user.
Other mats such as Backsafe’s Footwear Bath Mat may be insulated against current; made of special bacteria resistant materials to enhance hygiene; have anti static built in; or have a special criss-cross pattern for superior anti-slip properties. Many anti slip mats have sound-dampening built in, which reduces harsh noises such as reverberations from machinery or loud footfalls.
This all contributes to a healthy and safe workplace that protects both employees and visitors.

Boosts productivity

Having anti fatigue or anti slip mats installed not only protects workers but makes them feel safe and happy. In July 2016, researchers at the Texas A&M Health Science Centre’s School of Public Health found that workers using standing desks were 46% more productive than their seated counterparts. The Journal of American Medical Association also recorded that an average of 3.5 hours is lost per week due to reduced worker performance on account of poor posture and fatigue-related limb pains.

Your investment in anti fatigue mats will be returned time and again. Anti fatigue mats can prevent chronic problems such as swelling in the legs, foot problems, joint paints, circulatory problems, and pregnancy problems.

To find out more about anti fatigue mats/anti slip mats and how they can make a difference in your business, contact Backsafe Australia on 1300 305 314.

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