Heavy Stock Clearance Bargains

Heavy Stock Clearance Bargains
Heavy Stock Clearance Bargains teaser

23 May 2013

We are cleaning up our current inventory to make the way for new materials handling equipment, special clearance items are going fast... don't be left out!!!

We are drastically over stocked and must clear these products now!
Backsafe Australia is having a massive wholesale clearance sale! This stock must go! Hundreds of units available ranging from stack and nest crate to Werks heavy duty cabinets and a large selection of brands are available.

New products also available at cheaper prices below the normal sell price. To view just a sample of the stock we have available as part of the sale please check this out below:

Note: All Stock Clearance Items are Limited to stock on hand and are no longer part of our regular inventory. They are sold on a first come, first served basis.

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