Hands Free Waste Handling

Hands Free Waste Handling
Hands Free Waste Handling teaser

07 May 2014

Are you looking for the most effective way to handle waste?

Backsafe Australia provides a range of bin tipping solutions that are robust, economical and safe. Ezi-MT bin tipper/lifter is an ultimate solutions for lifting wheelie bins and specially designed for low volume, light duty applications. With 65kg capacity, this machine is perfect for smaller businesses, schools, cafes. offices and local councils. Multi Tip Bin Tipping Machine offers the most effective solution for emptying heavy MGB bins for disposal without any manual efforts. Dumpmaster 'standard series' bin tippers offer the perfect solution for emptying heavy bins and drums weighing upto 300kg at virtually any height. 

And the major part is that now you can opt for purchase or rental option on any of these. 

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