Your Guide to Effective Crowd Control Using Barriers

Your Guide to Effective Crowd Control Using Barriers
Your Guide to Effective Crowd Control Using Barriers teaser

05 Nov 2018

Whenever people congregate, whether it’s for a music festival, sporting event, or cultural holiday, controlling the crowd’s movement and flow throughout the grounds or venue is vital. This is not only a safety requirement for any event but it also enhances patron enjoyment of the event. No one likes getting lost or caught in a “crush” of people. It also makes events more secure, as it demarcates where the event starts and finishes in terms of public areas and keeping out unwanted guests.

Stanchion Barriers

One of the most commonly known barriers for crowd control is called Stanchion Barriers, otherwise known as rope and pole barriers. Some barriers, such as portable retractable belt posts can be opened to create freer-flowing movement, or restrict people to orderly lines. These can be especially useful in gaining entry to events, as it gives security an opportunity to check bags and patrons for contraband. These barriers need not be utilitarian: they come in a range of different colours, such as silver with a  red ‘belt’.

Pictured: Portable Retractable Belt Posts

Portable Event Fences and Expanding Barriers

Another common barrier is the steel portable event fence or the expanding barrier.
Portable event fences use a system of interlocking, free-standing panels to create a walkway or separation between certain sections of venues or grounds. These are usually the strongest type of barrier and are ideal for large crowds (the five-to-six figure type of crowds, as seen in sporting or cultural festivals.)

Pictured: Portable Event Fence
Expanding barriers are also good for cordoning off certain sections of venues or grounds as required. They can also be coloured in many different ways, including the “yellow and black” caution style, warding people off when no security personnel are present.
Pictured: Expanding Barriers

Banners or Café Barriers

A variation on event fences, these banner barriers might have branding or logos on the barrier, acting as advertising as well as a crowd control barrier. These are often used for outdoor cafes and eateries that want to separate customer seating from the rest of the event.

Chains and Tapes

Though not reinforced by steel or high fences, plastic safety chains or wall mounted retractable barrier tape can keep people out of areas you deem “out of bounds.” Wall mounted retractable tape can restrict visitors within workplaces or warehouses, for example. Plastic chains, painted in high-vis colours, can also restrict movement to non-public areas. Better yet, plastic chains are more durable and can be used in both indoor and outdoor events.
Pictured: Wall Mounter Retractable Barrier Tape

Why Barriers Help Secure and Enhance Your Event

Barriers can direct movement away from non-public, or VIP areas such as where performers or special guests are, which gives an added layer of security when security personnel may be dealing with other issues. It can also provide easy to locate paths to refreshments, restrooms, event information, or guest amenities.
Backsafe Australia can provide your event or business with a range of barrier solutions that both enhance security and patron wellbeing. To learn more about crowd control barriers for your business, contact us on 1300 305 314 or email us at

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