Crossing the COVID-19 Crisis Bridge – How We’re Sticking It Out

Crossing the COVID-19 Crisis Bridge – How We’re Sticking It Out
Crossing the COVID-19 Crisis Bridge – How We’re Sticking It Out teaser

27 Mar 2020

What an extraordinary start to the year it has been! Returning from the long-awaited end of year holidays, who would have thought we’d be spending the Easter holidays in lockdown? The previously unknown terms of COVID-19, toilet paper panic and social distancing are now everyday vocab. As the saying goes, change is as good as a holiday – let’s live up to it!

Here at Backsafe Australia we’re doing our best to operate as 'normal'. Our product lines are well-stocked, orders are being despatched and delivered, our phones are still connected…but most importantly our team is ready to discuss and resolve your workplace challenges.

Here’s the steps we’re taking to cross the COVID-19 Crisis bridge and ensure we get to the other side safely.

Health & Hygiene

Following government regulations and advice, we’ve improved our hygiene practices in the workplace by encouraging frequent and proper hand washing. Hand sanitiser has been stationed around the workplace for times when hand washing isn’t convenient or available. Work areas are being kept clean and tidy. Our office space is open-plan, and we are seated a minimum of 1.5 metres apart in accord with the social distancing guidelines. Our warehouse and workshop areas are large, and the team work at least 1.5 metres apart (except where workplace safety would be compromised).  Where possible, our staff have the option to work from home. Our COVID-19 Workplace Policy ensures that any staff that have travelled, been in contact with someone with Coronavirus symptoms, or are feeling unwell, stay home and follow the government regulations for isolation. Where possible we are avoiding using public transport.

Keeping in communication with you, our clients, is of utmost importance to us. Considering the social distancing guidelines, we are avoiding face-to-face meetings. This is giving us more time to talk on the phone, provide video conferencing meetings and tours of our showroom, and send emails. Our online web chat service is still available and powered by our helpful team (not robots!).

Business Continuity

We’re committed to crossing the COVID-19 Crisis bridge and coming off the other side in one piece! While we know that hard times are ahead, we also know that the pandemic isn’t going to last forever, and that the Australian economy is in a good position to bounce back. We’re going to bounce back too.

To help us in our journey across the bridge, we must lighten our load. We’re cutting back on ‘luxuries’ and monitoring our expenses to ensure we aren’t spending where we can save. We want to continue to provide security and employment for our staff.

Our stock levels are currently very good, and our transport network is reliable. We have a dedicated manufacturing, repairs and maintenance facility that allows us to make our own products if the need arises.

Our office staff have the facilities to work remotely, which we can implement in the case of lockdown, and utilise to cut back on costs in the future if need be.

Here at Backsafe Australia we always enjoy a good challenge and tackling the COVID-19 Crisis is no different. Times may be tough, but we’ll stick it out together.

Joining us? You can chat with us via the chat button on the bottom right, call us on 1300 305 314, or send an email to

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