Cheap and Simple Changes to Boost Warehouse Efficiency

Cheap and Simple Changes to Boost Warehouse Efficiency
Cheap and Simple Changes to Boost Warehouse Efficiency teaser

14 Mar 2018

Optimising performance in a warehouse setting requires having the best tools and logistics in place. Time-saving strategies and equipment can cut costs down drastically for businesses in the warehousing industry. You should always be watching out for the latest and greatest products and trends for optimising warehouse operations. For many businesses, the first step is buying more practical drum handling equipment to simplify operations.

Take it a step further though. Look through some of the below points to get an idea on whether your warehouse has any operational weak points. If so, do what you can to make some changes for the better.

Warehouse Layout Optimisation Calculates Efficiency

Nothing slows a warehouse down like a poor layout. Your company should always be looking at how things are laid out. Remember, the convenience and manoeuvrability could change as differentiations in your inventory take place.

The biggest flaw some warehouse managers make is structuring the grounds to operate like highways. Think of a conveniently laid out downtown core instead. Sure, things will be busy and safety will be a primary concern. But, it’s the quick access to inventory that makes all the difference. Keep middle sections as narrow as possible to cut back on labour time. The restructuring of your warehouse will take a bit of time and man hours but it will be highly profitable in the long run.


Limit Inventory Transfers, Run Direct from Point A to B

Another potentially fatal flaw exists when your warehouse staff have to keep loading and unloading the same inventory. The stored items need to be dropped off there before they reach the floor, so it’s not a simplified process.

For example, think of how things work if you have high-rotation items on the floor and also in the back in storage. Your workers need to unload the inventory in storage first and later load it up and unload it onto the floor to refill stock. Alternatively, given the high frequency of these items getting moved around, you should just stick them all on the floor from day one.

If this doesn’t seem feasible, go back to the last point. You might be able to restructure your warehouse layout to accommodate more room on the floor for these high-volume items.


Utilise High Efficiency Warehouse Equipment

Your workers will work safer and more efficiently when given the right equipment. Make sure you have sufficient inventory of all the tools and machines that your warehouse needs. Consider the frequency a particular piece of equipment is used throughout the day. You might want more than one if your warehouse is busy, otherwise workers will be waiting around and sharing the same equipment.

Start by looking at your drum handling equipment as they have a big role in your warehouse’s overall efficiency. For example, a multi-purpose drum trolley is one of the most basic yet versatile pieces of drum handling equipment you can buy. These trolleys can help you move heavy and circular drums with ease. The secondary set of tyres make it convenient to transition the drum from vertical to horizontal position. Further, the base of the drum can be elevated which makes it less difficult to rotate the drum if it’s not correctly positioned. Overall, drum handling equipment is excellent for increasing the speed and efficiency of your warehouse operations.
Pictured: Multi-Purpose Drum Trolley


Making your warehouse run in a more efficient manner is not for a little leagues manager. You need to be smart and well-thought-out to make the most of your warehouse’s layout, equipment and staff. Everything from typical inventory flows, order metrics, etc., needs to be heavily weighed to decide what procedures and arrangements provide optimal efficiency.

Are you looking to purchase products that will boost your warehouse efficiency? Contact us today and we will give you the right advice on the best equipment for your business.

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