The Benefits Of Having Anti Fatigue Mats In Your Warehouse

The Benefits Of Having Anti Fatigue Mats In Your Warehouse
The Benefits Of Having Anti Fatigue Mats In Your Warehouse teaser

22 Jul 2019

Anti fatigue mats have many benefits to worker safety and comfort in your warehouse. But what are they, and why are they so revered by workplace health and safety practitioners here and around the world? Anti fatigue mats or safety mats (also referred to as anti slip mats) help reduce stress on joints and muscles – particularly feet and knees – when people are standing for long stretches of time, such as in a warehouse. Some of the common complaints that workers report are lower back pain; leg swelling; circulation issues; varicose veins and leg cramps at night; pre-term birth and miscarriage; and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Anti fatigue mats are designed to fight these risks by their very nature. Here are some benefits of having anti fatigue mats in your warehouse.

Reduces Stress and Pain

Most warehouse floors are made of cement. These are particularly “high impact” on feet and joints. Anti fatigue mats work by cushioning the impact of the worker’s feet instead of baring the brunt of the hard concrete. Many anti fatigue mats  such as Backsafe’s Ergo-Tred Anti Fatigue Mat reduce pain associated with standing on concrete and leads to lower stress levels in workers overall.

Can Help Prevent Accidents

Most anti fatigue mats double as anti slip mats. They are made from a rubber-like material which helps boots and shoes grip to the surface. Some anti fatigue mats such as Engineers Anti Fatigure Mat have drainage and electricity resistance built in for added safety. Others such as Footwear Bath Mat can be anti-bacterial and anti-static for specialised use.

Increases Productivity

Since fatigue is reduced, workers are more comfortable and happier which increases overall productivity. The Journal of the American Medical Association also recorded that an average of 3.5 hours is lost per week when employees are fatigued or in some type of pain. Anti fatigue mats, if properly maintained, improve productivity 10% over a typical work week. Increased productivity not only benefits management, but all involved in the company – suppliers, customers, and workers.

Lowers Noise and Vibrations

We don’t have to tell you that warehouses are noisy and prone to vibrations. Anti fatigue mats are made of rubber-like substances which dampens noises and absorbs vibrations. This also contributes to worker health and safety. Remember: not all anti fatigue mats are noise muffling mats by default. Check with your supplier if the mat is suitable for lowering noise and vibrations first.

Reduce Inventory Damage

Picking inventory from pallets or racking means the occasional dropped item. Any dropped item – especially delicate items – are not immune to the force of a concrete floor! Anti-fatigue mats can absorb the energy of a fall of most items which leads to fewer inventory losses compared to leaving a floor bare. Concrete can also be chipped and cracked by bulkier objects which can lead to slips and falls. So it’s a win-win for the floor and your inventory.

To find out more about anti fatigue mats, see Backsafe Australia’s extensive range of anti-fatigue mats and coverings. Contact us here for a quote or call on us 1300 305 314..

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