5 tips on Conveyor Safety

5 tips on Conveyor Safety
5 tips on Conveyor Safety teaser

22 Nov 2017

Your warehouse and factory production line run smoothly with the use of a conveyor. The bonus is that they make great treadmills (I’m kidding -  do not ever use a conveyor as a treadmill). Joking aside, although incredibly useful at quickly and easily transporting materials from one place to the next, they are also very dangerous if not used correctly.

Conveyors can be a cost-efficient way of handling materials, however, to gain full benefit they need to be used correctly and safely. At Backsafe Australia we put together five key safety considerations for conveyor use.

Sturgo Flex Skate Conveyor

Above: Sturgo Flex Skate Conveyor

Safety Tip One - Appropriate attire.

Loose items of clothing, long hair or jewellery are a hazard and can accidentally get caught in the conveyor. Anything that is attached to that item will then get pulled along with it. We’ve all seen the movie. Avoid accidents by ensuring staff remove any loose sleeves and ties when operating or working near a conveyor.

Safety Tip Two – Know the Buttons and Cords

In case of emergency, it is imperative that everybody in the area knows where the emergency stop button or cord is. The emergency stop buttons and cords have to be visible and accessible at all times. The staff that are using the conveyor should be trained in what the buttons and cords do and how to locate them. Any cover and guards that are on control mechanisms should not have been tampered with.

Safety Tip Three – Clear and Clean area

Nobody should be near the conveyor when it is started. The area has to be kept clear from debris, paperwork and rubbish. Any litter or items need to be cleared away whilst the conveyor is switched off. It is not safe to clean around the conveyor whilst it is switched on.

Safety Tip Four – Careful Maintenance

Only authorised people that are trained can maintain or fix the conveyor. At first glance, a conveyor appears simple, but they are often more complex in design than people give them credit. Something that affects one point in the conveyor can have a knock-on effect further down the line. Staff need to know the importance of reporting any signs of wear and tear, or jams to a suitably qualified person.

Safety Tip Five – Do Not Moonwalk

This is common sense to most, but DO NOT use the conveyor as a treadmill or to practice the moonwalk.
Conveyors are very dangerous and therefore it is imperative that they are not climbed on, walked on, or sat on by anybody. The mischievous misuse of conveyor belts continues to cause serious injury year on year.
The Safety aspects of using a conveyor cannot be overlooked. Serious, life-changing injury can occur if machinery is not operated with due care and attention.
Sturgo Gravity Conveyor Roller Racks
Above: Sturgo Gravity Conveyor Roller Racks

Conveyors are an invaluable piece of equipment in production lines, however, they can be dangerous. Ensuring that every person working with conveyors is trained in safety aspects will go some way to prevent the occurrence of accidents and injury.

If it has wheels and a tray, a bucket, basket or a cage, then Backsafe Australia has safe, mobile Conveyors options for you. Just give us a call on 1300 305 314 or send us an email at sales@backsafe-australia.com.au and we will lighten your load for you.

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