5 Tips for Better Conveyor Maintenance

5 Tips for Better Conveyor Maintenance
5 Tips for Better Conveyor Maintenance teaser

26 Jun 2018

Conveyors are an important part of the smooth functioning of the business. But, like all machinery, it is essential that they run efficiently and are kept well maintained. There are a few ways you can keep your conveyor in top shape and avoid any costly setbacks in production. These Five tips not only reduce the chances of your conveyor having a meltdown but will also optimise its efficiency.

1. Maintenance programme

Your conveyor will have some specific maintenance instructions. These can be as simple as listening for additional noises, to checking that bolts haven’t come loose. If your conveyor doesn’t come with a maintenance programme, it is definitely worth making one. As a minimum you need to include the motor, reducer, drive chain, sprockets, belt, bearings, v-belts, o-rings and the general structure of the conveyor. Replacing and upgrading parts that show wear is a good way to prevent an incident before it occurs. It also avoids costly breakdowns.

2. Audit and documentation

The best way to implement and keep on top of a maintenance programme is to have a reliable audit system. A regularly documented inspection will help you pick up on any issues sooner rather than later. Catching a problem early before it has a knock-on effect onto another parts or causes expensive damage is a no-brainer. A timetable for inspection with clearly laid out performance and maintenance checks will eliminate the risk of conveyor blow out and an expensive halt in production.


3. Proper usage

Like any piece of equipment and machinery, conveyors are built and tested to be used in a specific way. It will struggle if put under the pressure of doing something it's not supposed to. Using heavier or larger items on your conveyor than what it is designed for will put added strain on the parts and it's only a matter of time before it melts under the pressure.

4. Cleanliness

Hand in hand with your maintenance schedule should be a cleaning schedule. A huge contributing factor to the break down of conveyors is that the conveyor isn’t cleaned. There can be a lot of build up of dust, debris and grease. A regular cleaning schedule will increase the lifespan and smooth running of your conveyor.

5. Technician

Hiring a maintenance technician might seem like a costly investment. But actually, when compared to the losses that can occur if something goes wrong with your conveyor in production time, along with unhappy customers and repair costs, it doesn’t take much to realise the benefits. A good maintenance technician will predict, spot and correct issues early and save you a lot of heartache and money. They don’t only have to look after the conveyor. No doubt your business has a lot of machinery and processes that would benefit from a close eye.


Keeping your factory running smoothly is imperative to the smooth running of your business. Ensuring your conveyor is maintained and looked after has the potential to save you the stress of a costly breakdown in production. With some structured planning and organisation, you can make sure that your conveyor is running efficiently as well as potentially extend its lifespan.

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