4 Benefits of an Organised Warehouse

4 Benefits of an Organised Warehouse
4 Benefits of an Organised Warehouse teaser

26 Nov 2018

For industrial businesses, an organised warehouse is an efficient warehouse. Keeping it neat and free of clutter is necessary, but standards can slip during busy periods. Complacency can set in.
Warehouse managers are starting to realise the “quick sweep up at the end of shift” isn’t cutting it any more. A comprehensive housekeeping plan and intelligent storage solutions can create an environment and culture of organisation. Here are the four major benefits of having an organised warehouse.

Better Workplace Safety

Working safe is the number one priority of any workplace. Falling objects, tripping over, falling over and falls from heights are among the most frequent causes of workplace injuries, especially in warehouses. Using storage solutions such as cabinets, storage cages, storage cupboards, dangerous goods storage cages and cabinets, and pallet racking systems can all contribute to a safer and more productive work environment. Cluttered shelving or blocked aisles are not only an annoyance, but often lead to the workplace injuries mentioned before. This not only costs time and money, but the livelihood and health of employees.

Freeing Up Space

A warehouse is quite literally your storage reserve for what you sell or parts of things you intend to sell; it makes business sense to have as much space as possible at your disposal, so you can store more things that you’re able to sell. Modern and comprehensive storage solutions not only improve capacity, but functionality and efficiency. In fact, it’s often cheaper and easier to install new pallet racking, mezzanine floors, or cantilever racking systems than acquiring a new warehouse with this functionality pre-installed.


Pictured: Cantilever Racking – Heavy or Light Duty

Enhanced Functionality

If you’ve ever told suppliers or customers “we don’t stock it” or “we don’t have it” due to impractical or less functional storage solutions, you aren’t alone. Installing modern and safe pallet racking, mezzanine floors, conveyor systems, or cantilever racks not only increase safety and efficiency, they also allow you to achieve more using the same amount of space and in the same amount of time. Better storage systems are made out of more durable components, which mean they last longer before requiring major maintenance or replacement.


Pictured: Pallet Racking

Higher Efficiency

Warehouses are complex systems, and like any complex system, it needs an indexing and retrieval system. If employees are confused by where things are, and how to get to them, it slows down orders and wastes time. Time is money, as we all know. Inventory that’s spread out in an illogical or hard to retrieve manner simply frustrates everyone in the value chain; suppliers, employees, and customers.
The right storage solution that organises your inventory in a neat and efficient way makes location and retrieval easier. This means you can fulfil more orders more often, which not only means more profits, but eliminates the need for additional storage space in general.


If your warehouse is in need of new storage solutions, Backsafe has a diverse and extensive range of storage solutions for the modern industrial warehouse. From cabinets, cupboards, pallet racks, conveyor systems and more, we offer custom solutions with a 12-month warranty. We create the best storage solution for you. Contact us on 1300 305 314 to talk to one of our friendly consultants or email us at sales@backsafe-australia.com.au.

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