Launching The Sturgo Stokpik

Launching The Sturgo Stokpik
Launching The Sturgo Stokpik teaser

11 Mar 2013

Featuring an innovative design, the STURGO Stokpik, an electric order picker by Backsafe Australia, delivers the performance of an industrial order picker in any kind of environment and proves itself to be a highly compact, maneuverable and capable machine. An ergonomic heavy duty and robust machine that is suited for a wide array of inventory management and fulfillment tasks, the major purpose behind the manufacturing of this vehicle is to maximize productivity while minimizing operating cost throughout the retail, warehousing and distribution applications.

With Sturgo Stokpik, now it can be much easier to loading or unloading bulks from the heights with safety, perfect handling and durability.

Key Features

  • Carries a 225kg load up to 4.24m and can complete a full turn in a 1.83m aisle.
  • Pick height over 5 meters
  • AC drive reduces regular maintenance and overall operating costs.
  • Power steering for easy accurate vehicle control and placement.
  • Rethink your operation, eliminate stock ladders and improve productivity.

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