How to Choose the Right Pallet Cage

How to Choose the Right Pallet Cage
How to Choose the Right Pallet Cage teaser

23 Apr 2018

A Pallet Cage is a fundamental component in the smooth running of many businesses. This is due to their protective design. A pallet cage has security features that you do not get with any other type of pallet. A pallet cage will ensure the safety and protection of goods, ensure easy and effective moving and handling, save space when stored and are sturdy and durable. Not all pallet cages are the same and so we’ve broken down some of the key points for you to consider when choosing the right pallet cage for your business.

1. Durability

Pallet cages come in various material, including wooden bases. Look for a cage made from galvanised steel or one that is zinc plated. The galvanising process provides a coating to the steel that protects it from corrosion, strengthening it and increasing its lifespan, making the pallet cage a cost-effective option.

Pictured: WERKS® Galvanised Pallet Cage

2. Stackability

When looking for pallet cage it is a good idea to go for something that stores and stacks well. This will save your racking space. You could opt for a pallet cage that has forklift compatibility so that the cages are easy to access and stack. Having the ability to stack pallet cages will maximise storage capacity and make the most of your warehouse space

3. Storability

You may decide that you will not always need to have all of your pallet cages in use at one time. For this reason, having a pallet cage that folds and stores is ideal. For optimal versatility, without compromising on performance, look for a pallet cage that can be easily racked or stored whether it is full, empty or folded.

4. Transportation

Good pallet cages are easy to move around any warehouse or business. The best pallet cage will easily fit a pallet jack or forklift. Look closely at the design aspects to make sure that it is straightforward to transport.

Pictured: WERKS® Galvanised Pallet Cage - Double Width

5. Sizing and load capacity

There are smaller sized pallets available. A pallet cage with a reduced height can provide you with the option of separating different goods in one pallet space This can be useful if you are storing specifically sized goods or want only half height stacking. These half-height pallet cages offer a great alternative storage solution. Take note of the load capacity of the cages you are looking at as this can vary depending on the design of the pallet.

6. Accessibility

Accessibility might be something that is important to the effective storage management of goods. Some cages offer a quick release door mechanism that allows access to inside the cage with minimal effort whilst stacked.

Pallet cages are a sturdy and versatile storage solution for any business. They come in various designs, shapes and sizes to suit varying industry needs. If you’re not sure which cage design best suits your business needs you can get in touch with one of our expert team members at Backsafe Australia who will talk you through your options. Contact us via phone at 1300 305 314 or via email at

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