5S Lean Journey for Public Transport Authority

5S Lean Journey for Public Transport Authority
Public Transport Authority (PTA) at the Prospector Maintenance Depot in Perth, Western Australia.

Challenge accepted:
  1. Lack of fit-for-purpose storage space for tools, causing lost tools, frustration and wasted time.
  2. No overall organisation method in the workspace, causing inefficincies. 
  3. Areas are not clearly defined and marked (i.e. pedestrian/hazardous), causing safety challenges.

Problem solved:
The “5S” Lean Principle was used – SORT, SET IN ORDER, SHINE, STANDARDISE, SUSTAIN. Lean warehousing 5S practices involve a very specific and structured approach to getting your entire workplace cleaned up, well organized and standardised.

Implementing the 5S practices is key to maintaining a lean warehouse. The basic objective of implementing 5S is to make problems visible, thus creating a safer workplace.

Tool storage area:
To implement this strategy, PTA got rid of unwated clutter and unused supplies. Instead, only focusing on tools that are needed on a regular basis. This ensures that time is spent more productively by avoiding wasting valuable time to find needed tools and materials amongst the clutter.

To provide an organised, easy to use system for tool storage, a custom WERKS® Tool Shadow Board was supplied and installed to suit PTA's specific requirements. Each tool has a labelled place, making clean-up and organisation super easy.

Workshop area:
For maintenance work around the workshop, mobile storage units were designed and manufactured in-house. Each WERKS® Tool Cabinet Cart contains a shelved section, drawer cabinet and perforated panel doors for tool storage. Locks on the cart doors were included for security, and push handles for ease of transport.

The workshop equipment is colour coded to make organisation easier. The painted floor really finished off the project, creating a bright, lean and organised workspace. 

Overall, tools were SORTED and SET IN ORDER, neat and tidy storage SHINES, a consistent procedure for storage encourages STANDARDISATION, and the new, functional equipment makes it easy to SUSTAIN.

Overall increased safety:
One of the primary benefits of the lean warehousing 5S practices is increased workplace safety. The cleanliness of the practices ensures that potential hazards are cleaned up immediately and that potential hazards are detected early, preventing any disastrous situations. 

Safe and efficient workplaces are proven to breed a positive, efficient and profitable environment.

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Products featured: WERKS® storage range, including WERKS® Tool Shadow Board, Custom WERKS® Tool Cabinet Carts and various WERKS® Tool Holders.