Lithium Hydroxide Plant

Lithium Hydroxide Plant

A Lithium Hydroxide plant in Perth, WA - the first plant outside of China and the largest of its kind in the world.

Challenge accepted:
We were approached by the plant's Production Scheduler, who briefed us on furnishing their workshop, maintenance and waste management areas for the new build in Kwinana.

They wanted a fully-functional system that enhance both safety and efficiency, as well as looking fantastic.

Problem solved:
The Production Scheduler brought his team of Supervisors to our Perth showroom, which enabled them to meet us and the products they were looking at purchasing, giving them the opportunity to touch, feel and get inspired.

Workshop and maintenance areaa:
The workshop area needed a storage system that was safe, worked with their pallet racking, and allowed easy access to contents. A total of 432 of the WERKS® Zinc Pallet Cages were supplied to fill this need - the cages feature a unique positive locking bar for secure storage on racking beams, hinged front and rear panels for simple access, sheet floor for optimum content protection, and mesh side panels for visibility.

For the maintenance area, the WERKS® Mega Benches were selected for their high quality and strength, allowing heavy pieces of equipment to be worked on. Situated at the end of each Mega Bench, Boscotek Mobile Tool Trolleys provide a durable storage unit for tools and equipment, which can be moved around the workshop easily.

Waste management:
The Dumpmaster Bin Tipper was chosen for emptying of the site's wheelie bins into the main skip bin. With battery electric power and fast emptying, this was essential due to the large quantity of bins that would be emptied each day. To provide ease of transport of the wheelie bins around site, the Wheelie Bin Trailer was custom built for carrying of up to 8 wheelie bins at one time. The custom design allows for the wheelie bins to be loaded and unloaded easily and individually with side-loading access and safety chains to secure while transporting. The trailer can be towed via a tow tug or electric buggy, greatly reducing handling associated with waste management.

Featured products:
13990041 Dumpmaster Bin Tipper
14700031 STURGO® Waste Bin Trailer
16640020 WERKS® Zinc Pallet Cage
10330321 (TCS.B24) Boscotek Mobile Tool Trolley
15810004 WERKS® Mega Bench 2.5T

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