Komatsu Australia - Perth

Komatsu required a fleet of stillage cages with specific features for machinery parts storage at their world-class Parts Distribution Centre in Perth. Their requirements included pallet racking compatibility; stacking ability; exact sizing; good drainage; removable sides; Komatsu corporate colouring; and a sturdy, robust construction that would be a worthwhile investment.

Based on the WERKS® Mesh Stillage Cage design (models 17330003 and 17330008), we worked with our design team to propose a custom model to suit Komatsu's request. As the WERKS® Mesh Stillage Cage was already designed for pallet racking and stacking, this gave us a good start. It was critical for the dimensions to be exact to fit the racking layout effectively - 1160mm square, 750mm high to top of corner posts. The sides were designed to be removable using drop-in slots and latches. Centre hinges on two sides allows for easy contents access. One side features two hooks for hooking a side onto once removed. Perforated sheet panel facilitates drainage through the stillage base, with load support bars to ensure strength is maintained, with an SWL of 2000kg. The fork pocket configuration was altered to enable compatibility to most forklift styles, preventing the stillages becoming "outdated" with the evolving of warehouse equipment. The stillages' powdercoat colour was matched with Komatsu's corporate blue via the Pantone colour chart.

In keeping with Komatsu's new, modern facility and their 5S Safety Policy (Seiri - Sorting, Seiton - Setting in order, Seiso - Shining, Seiketsu - Standardising, Shitsuke - Sustaining) we provided them with the foundation for a neat and organised storage system that will last for many years!

17330004 WERKS® Custom Mesh Stillage

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