Karara Mining Project

Karara Mining required a complete solution for workshop, storage and safety equipment in their Minesite Warehouse , Workshops , Stores and Wash Down Facility, in Perenjori.

Backsafe Australia supplied and installed the following equipment within the specified time frame.
The Mine Warehouse was fitted out with Pallet Racking & Longspan Shelving which was designed specifically to maximise storage capacity and incorporate a flow-through system facilitating maximum efficiency and productivity.
The Workshop area was provided with Customised Heavy Duty Workbenches and Under Bench Cabinets. The Workshop was segregated into specific areas: Boiler Workshop, Mechanical Workshop & Electrical Workshop, with each area fitted with the same workbenches and cabinets, creating a corporate uniform image.
The Electrical Store was designed and constructed as a clean room environment for the storage of sensitive electrical and instrumentation equipment. Rolled Edge Shelving was installed, ideal for small parts storage.
The Wash Down Facility was fitted with an Emergency Shower, Stainless Steel Drainage Bench & Quench Tank as a wash down zone, ready for emergency requirements.