Custom Housekeeping Trolleys for WA Mine Camps

Custom Housekeeping Trolleys for WA Mine Camps

With a constant flow of FIFO workers throughout WA's mining camps, there's also a constant flow of heavy cleaning and housekeeping required.

Facilities management teams take care of room cleaning and processing of soiled linen, which involves a lot of strenuous handling. These teams require equipment to reduce the handling pressure such as transport of cleaning equipment and room supplies, and storage of soiled linen to be transported for washing. 


We invented the STURGO® Electric Housekeeping Trolley

Using our product expertise, we reconfigured the reliable Classic Rubbermaid Trolley and added a lot of useful features. 

It's compact, versatile and almost infinitely customisable. Whatever the housekeeping challenge, your team will have everything they need to work smarter, safer and faster, right at their fingertips. And it’s electric, zero-emissions and pollution-free, of course.
  • Store whatever you need. Heaps of configurable storage.
  • Easy to clean. Commercial-grade moulded plastic construction.
  • Reduce fatigue and injuries. Powered by a reliable electric motor (400W).
  • Choose your speed. Variable speed controls, with convenient neutral gear.
  • Plug in. Charge up. Long-life battery, charger and audible low power indicator.
  • Park it anywhere. Braked rear wheels for safe parking on unstable surfaces.
  • Customise to perfection. Options for cart doors, vinyl bags, castor upgrades, site-specific equipment holders, vacuums, brooms, containers, mop kits and more.


  • Safer and more efficient cleaning: Adding the electric motor reduced pressure on the user, with no force required to push the trolley, in turn reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency. 
  • We solve ongoing challenges and provide continuous evolution of the product:
    • We conduct improvements and updates as technology improves, such as bringing better motor design and battery performance.
    • We also solve everchanging needs and requirements of the housekeeping team; such as requiring increased storage capacity and adding microfibre cleaning tool attachments.
    • Latest improvements include a custom label system to help with organisation of equipment on the trolleys, strengthened double handles to support extra weight and bag hooks, a speed control program to allow users to adjust the speed settings of their trolleys easily, and optional attachments specifically designed for the Hygen cleaning equipment. 

You can buy a housekeeping trolley. Or you can invest in a super-smart housekeeping solution that actively helps your team get more done, more safely and efficiently.

Are you struggling with linen handling and logistics processes in your workplace? Our guide just might help - you can download it for free here.