Fiona Stanley Hospital ~ Waste Handling Project

Fiona Stanley Hospital ~ Waste Handling Project
Serco's facility management team at Fiona Stanley Hospital 

11880026 STURGO® Waste Bin Trolley, plus custom modifications

To deliver a waste handling solution for the Serco facilities management team at Fiona Stanley Hospital; providing a safe, efficient and ergonomic means of transporting wheelie bins throughout the workplace.

The design and manufacturing of a proto type Waste Bin Trolley was completed in early 2016 and supplied to the Serco team for trialling. Feedback was received from the staff which led to some changes being made and the trial repeated. The smiles then began to show…we had succeeded! It ticked all the boxes – safe, efficient and simple wheelie bin transport. The trolley transports four wheelie bins at a time, suits both 120L and 240L types, and requires no lifting of bins on and off the trolley. The bins are held in place with a simple latch system to ensure bins are secure while transporting. The steering and bin release handles on both sides allow the trolley to be used from both sides, with a wheel locking brake for increased safety. A door wedge attachment allows doors to be held open when passing through, making the operator’s job easy. The wheel configuration, consisting of two centre castors and four outer steering castors, makes for an amazingly manoeuvrable trolley!
In March 2017, we were contacted to provide a further solution for the hospital – the trolleys had been rubbing against the elevator doors, causing damage. To rectify this issue the trolley handles were trimmed to make the trolley narrower, and small castors attached to the side of the trolley to allow it to roll against the elevator doors, instead of rubbing. 
The end result was a very satisfied waste handling team at the hospital, and increased efficiency for the staff – quadrupling the amount of bins moved at one time!

We're proud to be featured in Serco's Living Our Values: Innovation video. Innovation at Serco means they aim for continuous improvement by looking at new ideas, sharing their knowledge and embracing change. This project is featured as a demonstration of innovation within the waste team at Fiona Stanley Hospital - it's not just about technology, it's about finding better ways of working. 


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