E-Orders Trolley for Hardware Store

E-Orders Trolley for Hardware Store
Australian hardware store chain

Time Period: 
Design and proposal stage February 2020; manufacture and supply May 2020 and ongoing.

12020031C Custom WERKS® Warehouse Cabinet Trolley

To create a trolley to improve order picking efficiency for the e-orders team. The Coronavirus pandemic triggered our client's venture into the online ordering arena, and like most businesses, it wasn't exactly a smooth ride! Their team needed helpful equipment to increase their output and keep customers happy.

We built upon a cabinet trolley base. This provided drawer and cupboard storage space for digital equipment and stationery. Given the heavy duty construction of the cabinet, it can be cumbersome to manoeuvre, so we changed out the original castors for heavy duty, larger rubber castors to improve movement. In addition to updating the castors, we added new push handles to both ends of the trolley - they're designed to make handling ergonomic, no matter what height the user is.
Inside the cupboard unit we installed a roll dispenser for the printer. This feeds the paper/label through a slot made in the cabinet top. Cable ducts were installed for monitor and printer cables. With a double monitor arm attached to the cabinet top, users can connect two screens to their laptop/tablet.
Once the trial trolley had been put through its paces in real life, a few improvements were noted and we've moved on to rolling out this innovation in stores throughout the country.

Does your order picking team need more support? Invest in helpful equipment that will improve their performance and morale.