CBH Metro Grain Centre

CBH Metro Grain Centre
Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH Group) Metro Grain Centre in Forrestfield WA.

Time Period:
We initially partnered with the team at the Metro Grain Centre in 2008, helping to reduce their manual handling risks. This partnership has been maintained until today - a continuous improvement journey that we're privileged to be part of!

120L Wheelie Bins, modified
Long Span Shelving System
Custom STURGO® Electric Tub Lifters
32L Stack & Nest Crates with Lids
Pallet Racking System
Custom Door for HC Shipping Containers


We partnered with the team at the Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH) Metro Grain Centre in 2008, providing a solution for the handling of grain samples. This initial solution utilised 120L food grade wheelie bins with modified removable axles, which were used to store and transport the many grain samples analysed during the harvest season. The removable axles allowed the bins to be stacked once emptied, saving valuable storage space at the centre.

Fast forward to 2015; we were approached by the team to provide an upgraded system for their cool room storage space. The grain samples were being stored in plastic drums on pallet racking, stacked four deep, which didn’t allow easy access to the drums. The space also needed an overhaul to provide a neat and organised system.
After many site visits, discussions and plans, a final layout was decided upon to make best use of the space. An innovative design of Longspan Shelving created a system to store numerous plastic drums, Mega Bins, Stack & Nest Crates, and small sample jars. Multiple shelving heights were integrated into the system, to ensure the best possible use of shelving space, and to provide a designated area for each type of storage container. The planning included a recommended lighting rearrangement to ensure adequate lighting in each aisle.
To allow safe and efficient movement of the Stack & Nest Crates, we provided Custom STURGO® Electric Lifters with forks to fit snugly either side of the crate, under the lipped edge. This eliminates manual handling when shifting the grain sample crates.

To complete the storage upgrade at the Metro Grain Centre, we installed a system like that of the cool room, in the adjacent storage space, at the end of 2017. Again, this involved a custom design of Longspan Shelving, to best fit the space. 21 bays of Longspan Shelving, varying heights, and a workbench area, created a bright and light room with very effective use of the space. Two onsite high cube storage containers also required shelving systems installed, to mirror that of the cool room/storage room. This involved modifying the container doorways to fit the STURGO® Lifters through, allowing the same safe and efficient procedures throughout the site. An additional Custom STURGO® Electric Lifter was supplied to assist with handling of the increased quantity of grain samples. Container ramps were also supplied to allow easy access.

The laboratory space at CBH provides an area where grain samples are tested for quality. A sample is taken from each load of grain that is delivered to the Metro Grain Centre to be analysed and recorded. The area needed to be updated to match in with the storage area and coolroom. We did this using the same Long Span shelving system to ensure maximum
underbench storage of the Stack & Nest Crates.

The results? An extremely happy client, and excellent storage system to facilitate efficiency and effectiveness throughout the Metro Grain Centre.

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