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Modified 12200236 STURGO® Flatbed Wire Trolley
Customised WERKS® Mobile Workbench System

To assist Beautiworx in improvement of their stock picking process at their despatch warehouse in Dandenong. They were looking for high capacity trolleys to hold parts containers for picking stock. The average platform trolley was not enough – a solution was required that would fit their needs exactly. They also required a resolution for the despatch packing area, to facilitate a streamlined flow of the packaged product from picking, packing then through to despatch. A guiding principle was their commitment to high manufacturing and safety standards.

The STURGO® Flatbed Wire Trolley was used for the picking trolley concept, and a prototype was created to ensure the offering was viable. This involved adding a handle to create a double-sided trolley, extending both handles to increase the trolley height, adding two extra shelves and lining the shelves with Perspex. The Perspex lining helps prevent small items falling through and reduces dust and dirt getting into the parts bins, without hindering visibility of the contents.
The initial idea for the despatch packing area involved a conveyor system; however the parts containers were too small and unstable on the large rollers. Instead, a WERKS® Custom Mobile Workbench System was designed. This included a modular inset design to enable the workbenches to be set together, swivel braked castors to facilitate easy manoeuvring, stainless steel worktops to enable parts containers to be pushed along the surface easily, and specific sizing to fit the warehouse space.
One very happy customer (read the feedback below) confirmed the success of the project!

🛣️ Initial​ rollout:
18 trolleys
1,522 parts bins
9 workbenches

📈 Fleet growth in 2019:
6 trolleys
7 workbenches

I found working with Backsafe to be very easy and beneficial. Communicating with the team in Perth was no issue whatsoever. Whilst I am located in Melbourne, and Backsafe is in Perth, many would say that this would be impedance to developing the required solution.
I can only suggest that the extensive communication, suggestions, exchange of photos, and the ultimate offer (and supply) of a prototype, gave me the comfort that any issues identified would be resolved before Backsafe shipped the bulk of my order.
Everything arrived as described (and photographed) so I am one very happy customer.
~ Mark Kluver | GM Supply Chain ~

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